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Some musicians are destined for the stage. No matter what life throws at them, their talent finds a way back, their voice finds an audience and they find a way to connect. Enter, Kurty Durty, an artist coming out of Bakersfield, California, ready to take on the world.

Originally founded by Fred "S.B./Valet" Locke. His vision for the label wasn't to create   a slew of music for fame. His vision was to create classic music. Music that would stand the test of time. He had a passion for the art and love for the craft.  Valet was driven by his passion. He was always looking for a new sound, a new way to display his creativity through his music. Unfortunately, Valet passed away in 2015 from a heart attack. Prior to him passing, he spent a lot of time developing his nephew Kurty Durty. Valet knew the show must go on and the best way to keep it going was through family. 

Punchmode Music Productions operates on a separate frequency. We have created a new sound for music. Our goal is and always has been to develop a different style of  Hip Hop music, but why stop at Hip Hop?  We wanted our music to reach beyond Hip Hop. Our brand of music is universal and will continue as such. We will not be categorized to one style of music. Music is an art and just like art, there are many ways to paint a picture.



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