Some musicians are destined for the stage. No matter what life throws at them, their talent finds a way back, their voice finds an audience and they find a way to connect. Enter, Kurty Durty, an artist coming out of Bakersfield, California, ready to take on the world.Born Curtis Simpson II, this young artist grew up the hard way; a mother working two jobs to survive, a father working the streets. But a young Durty had focus, a goal and a path to follow. ‘All I ever had was a pen, a pad and a thought; these three materials kept me away from the streets’. As early as Junior High, Kurty Durty started to build his craft. Starting to rap with friends Cedric and Dupree, they soon had the whole neighbourhood turning up to a garage that they filled with sound. And the audience had already found this young artist and a real talent had already begun to be forged. Key to his development was his uncle Valet. Family support is so important and Curtis was devastated when he lost his uncle in 2015.

‘He was the reason I picked up a mic’ he said. Tragedy struck again just two years later when Kurty Durty lost his father, another major influence and guiding light on his emerging career. But it is from great tragedy that new focus is born, a melting pot of hurt, dedication and passion has forged a formidable talent. Opening for Ice Cube in Bakersfield proved a huge turning point. Recognized for a stunning performance, Kurty Durty was asked back to open for Snoop Dog. Another incredible performance saw Kurty being taken immediately on tour to finish a run of shows; an undeniable talent that is recognized every time Kurty picks up the mic. Kurty Durty has now played the same stages as Snoop, Warren G, Lady of Rage and The Twinz. This is clearly an artist on an unstoppable rise, fueled by hardship and loss, powered by pure ability and grit. Watch out for Kurty Durty, a headliner in waiting; the stage beckons for one of raps brightest new stars.

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